Who WE Are


WE believe passionately every summer evening should include family, friends, stellar sunsets and creating memories with a WE ice in hand.



So next time you are in the neighborhood, come on down to our lil’ WE ice trailer and enjoy a Happy Traveler, a Sucker Punch, a Southern Belle, a sweet Lyndee County Fair or maybe a naked Blue Raspberry.

Lesson #614 Never say no to whip!


The Menu and locations

The WEice™ menu and locations change daily, and can be found here on the WEice™ website, as well as the WEice™ Facebook page.

WEice™ stands apart from typical frozen desserts, as the temperatures & actual process of obtaining a Southern shave is what gives WEice™ it's uniquely delightful creamy texture.

Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free Options

In addition to the happening locations, WEice™ is also available for weddings & events. Be sure to drop us a message or visit our Events page to inquire about your special get-together.

WEice™ would LOVE to be a part of your greatest memories!